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Fundraise for us

Championing the cause of education requires more than just passion — it requires action. By fundraising for Fred Stone Foundation, you're taking a pivotal step towards reshaping the future of countless children in underfunded schools. Every penny raised is a step closer to providing quality education, upgraded facilities, and nurturing environments that foster creativity and ambition.


Fundraising for us is not just about money; it's about amplifying our message, expanding our community, and building bridges of hope and opportunity. Whether you host a bake sale, run a marathon, or organise a community event, your efforts directly contribute to our mission of transforming educational landscapes.


Join us on this transformative journey. Your initiative could be the catalyst that changes a child's life forever. Together, let's light up the path of knowledge and ensure that every child gets the quality education they rightfully deserve.

how you can help

Personal campaigns

Harness the power of your personal milestones. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or a personal challenge, create your own fundraising campaign and inspire your network to contribute to our cause.

corporate partnerships

Businesses making a difference. Partner with local corporations that share our mission. Encourage them to sponsor our initiatives or establish employee giving programs that empower their staff to support a worthy cause.

volunteer fundraising

Put your skills to good use. Take the lead in crafting your own fundraising campaigns, hosting events, or volunteering your time and expertise to help our cause thrive.

Community events

Unify your community for a cause. Plan and participate in local events like fun runs, auctions, and art exhibitions, all while supporting underfunded schools in Brighton.

school and educational institutions

Empower the future generation. Team up with local schools and students to organise exciting fundraising events, talent shows, and educational challenges. Your involvement can shape brighter futures.

legacy giving

Leave your mark. Consider including the Fred Stone Foundation in your estate planning, ensuring your legacy extends to making a profound impact on the lives of underprivileged children.

Our Partners

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DOnate to our latest project

Support the transformation of Hertford Junior School's library. Your donation, regardless of size, fuels a love for learning. Help bridge the gap between disadvantage and opportunity. Join us in creating lasting change in these students' lives. Be a part of their journey; donate today.

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