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Underfunded schools

Fred Stone Foundation

Fred Stone Foundation Children's charity

Every child has the right to flourish in an environment that fuels their creativity and ignites their imagination. Fred Stone Foundation is deeply committed to championing the cause of underfunded schools, where children often face the brunt of inadequate government support. 


Our mission is clear: to empower these schools with the essential resources they require to undergo a transformative journey. From revitalising libraries to fostering enriched learning atmospheres, our aim is to instil an enduring passion for education. We stand firm in our belief that with the right tools, every child can carve a path to success. 


‘Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.’

- Malcolm X


Inspired by this ethos, we pledge to be the guardians of that passport in the schools we adopt. Our commitment is to ensure that every child’s journey into the future is paved with quality education, facilities, and support.


Where your money goes

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Of every pound we receive is put towards initiatives that help benefit the schools facilities and the children.



Dedicated volunteers to ensure the children receive the right equipment and educational support.



School adopted by Fred Stone Foundation this year: Hertford Primary School.

Ways to get involved


Step up and champion the cause. Launch a fundraiser and stand as a beacon of hope for underfunded schools in Brighton and Hove.


Volunteering opportunities

Dive into our volunteering opportunities and leave an indelible mark on young lives

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Make a donation

Your genorisity has the power to transform. Rest assured, 100% of your contribution directly fuels a myriad of educational initiatives.

Primary School Desks

Adopt a school

Become a force for change in your community. Adopt a school and witness the ripple effect of your positive influence.

About Fred Stone Foundation

Embark on a journey with us - from challenges faced to empowerment achieved. Discover how hope created Fred Stone Foundation.

Our pledge to our mission is unwavering. We're on a pursuit to light up brighter futures through education, focusing on underfunded schools in Brighton and Hove. 

Connect with the heartbeats of our foundation - the passionate individuals propelling our mission. Together, we're inspiring change in young lives. 

Stay in the loop with our latest strides in community engagement, transformative initiatives, and the impact we're collectively forging.

Our Partners

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DOnate to our latest project

Support the transformation of Hertford Junior School's library. Your donation, regardless of size, fuels a love for learning. Help bridge the gap between disadvantage and opportunity. Join us in creating lasting change in these students' lives. Be a part of their journey; donate today.

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